Concrete Design

Good concrete design, particularly in freeze / thaw climates, dictates an average use of 6% void space (gas entrainment) for the sustainable life of concrete infrastructure. The CAPCELL™ technology provides superior gas entrainment that can be utilized to enhance the final properties of concrete.  Such as the durability of concrete, substantially reducing water and labor during finishing due to CAPCELL’s™ thixotropic properties, extending the lifespan of concrete from fifty to one hundred years, achieving required strengths with less cement, all of which make CAPCELL™ concrete the most sustainable commercially viable concrete mix available when using the industry standard Portland Cement. All the while, truly eliminating excess carbon dioxide from the atmospheric mix. .

Our Invention

CellTech, LLC has developed CAPCELL™, the only commercially viable technology utilizing CO2 in ordinary-everyday concrete without needing to modify the concrete making process, infrastructure, or distribution. This has the potential to enhance the final properties of the concrete with no negative effects (Laboratory Validated – Please Contact Us For More Info).

The CAPCELL™ Technology

Our technology utilizes a cell to capture and manage the CO2. When mixed throughout the concrete paste or wet stage, CAPCELL™ becomes a barrier that prevents CO2 from reacting with the free radical water. Our technology allows the bubble or microcell to collapse at an opportune time when the water is attracted to an element in the mix, no longer remaining a free radical. As our bubble (microcell) collapses, the CO2 then has a chemical reaction with the calcium hydroxide turning the gas into calcium carbonate. Essentially eliminating the CO2 from existence while creating the necessary void space to meet the spec of the concrete mix design with the potential to use less labor, water, and/or cement..

Uses Standard Batching and Sequencing

It happens at the mixing stage at the concrete batching plant without modifying the concrete-making process, enhancing the final properties of the concrete with no adverse effects.


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